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How to Track Influencer Campaigns

Here are 3 easy ways for business owners to track influencer campaigns.

I know from experience that most business owners do not properly track their influencer campaigns and that is the #1 reason that influencer marketing doesn't work for them! Keep reading to learn 3 easy ways for businesses to track influencer campaigns or watch the Youtube video here

Watch the Youtube Video Below

Why is it important?

It's really important to track your influencer campaigns because you want to be able to see what worked, and what didn't work, and that way you can make better informed decisions for your future campaigns.

So, for example, let's say that you're using five influencers for one campaign, and you're starting to see some increased engagement and some increased website traffic. All of which is great, but if you're not properly tracking the influencer campaigns then you won't know which influencers are getting results and which ones aren't, which leads to you continuing to work with the wrong influencers.

Pro Tip: Picking the right influencers for your brand can make or break the campaign. Click here to watch my video on how to find the right one.

And so that's why it's super important to put some systems in place where you can properly track your campaigns.

Okay, so now let's get into the 3 ways that you can track your influencer campaigns. on how

UTM Links ( Unique Tracking Metric)

I don't think a lot of business owners use this one, but you should. So a UTM link is just a customizable link that you create for free on Google. All you do is pull up the UTM generator, type all the information that you want to put in there, and it just spits out a link for you. So this is what the UTM link generator looks like:

It looks complicated, but it's totally not. The only fields that you want to fill out, for the purpose of tracking influencer campaigns are:

  • Website URL: This is so the link results will populate in your Google Analytics

  • Campaign Source: Source is the "where" or the influencer's name

  • Campaign Medium: Medium is the "how" or the social channel (IG, Tiktok, YT)

  • Campaign Name: Name is the "why" or the name of the campaign

After you enter that information, the link will auto-populate, super easy!

And here is what the link looks like:

So using a UTM link is really good for brands who really want to see a greater return on their investment when using influencers, because a UTM link is linked to your website, Google analytics, you really have all this data stored up from all your influencer campaigns, where you can really look in-depth.

Some questions to ask yourself when reviewing the data are:

  • What type of content is working?

  • What's driving the most traffic to your website?

  • Which type of influencer is performing the best?

  • Which audience is converting? Which type of audience isn't?

Because as a business owner, that's something that you really want to know. You want to know, what's getting people off our social and onto your website, right?

Personalize Landing Page

So you may be thinking, why would I go through the trouble to create a landing page for each influencer? It seems like overkill, right? But hear me out, I want you to think about what a landing page does it captures information, right?

This is great if your brand is looking to really beef up its brand awareness and really build a community around your brand, simply by giving the influencers a link to a personalized landing page.

It's really a win-win for both parties. The influencer's audience wins by clicking on the landing page and receiving a discount code or special offer. Your brand wins because in order for them to receive the discount or offer they must input their name and their email.

Do you see where I'm going with this? So, this is really cool because instead of the audience getting the discount code, using it, buying your product, loving your product, and forgetting about your brand. They can now use a discount code, buy your product, love your product. And then they won't forget about your brand because now you have a direct line of communication with them.

They're now a part of your email list and you can send them emails and further nurture that relationship between you and them. So you're no longer just a brand that the influencer collaborated with, you're now a brand that they know, and that they're beginning to really become a loyal customer of.

Pro Tip: Make each landing page aesthetic a mix of your brand vibe and the influencers! This way it sparks a familiarity that their audience is used to.

Coupon Codes

This one is the most popular way I've seen brands track campaigns and that's using a coupon code. Coupon codes are really simple and easy to use, website platforms like Shopify or Big Ecommerce make it really easy for you to create one and launch it on your website.

You just want to specify the timeframe that the coupon can be used and how many times they can be used and all that good stuff.

Ok, those are 3 ways that brands can track influencer campaigns. I hope that this helped you realize the importance of properly tracking campaigns.

Pro Tip: Use a project management tool like Airtable to keep a running document of your campaign results for yearly review.

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