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How To Reach Out To Influencers To Promote Your Business

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Here is my strategy on how to reach out to influencers to promote your business and get them to actually say yes.

I know from experience that reaching out to influencers to promote your business can be a tricky part of the influencer marketing process but it doesn't have to be! Keep reading to learn my 3 step strategy for reaching out to influencers or watch the Youtube video here

Watch the Youtube Video Below

Why is it important?

Reaching out to influencers is important because whether you're meeting somebody for the first time in real life or on the internet, first impressions matter. As a brand, you always want to make a good first impression because that really likes sets the tone for the relationship or partnership. Influencers all talk to each other so you want to establish a good reputation from the start, trust me.

Another reason why reaching out to influencers is so important and it kind of goes hand in hand with the first reason is that if you have a good outreach process and you're really good about how you reach out to influencers. It is more likely that more of them will say yes to your campaign because most influencers can kind of be picky with the brands that they're working with.

Okay, so now let's get into my 3-step strategy on how to reach out to influencers.

Engage Authentically (BEFORE you reach out)

Now before you roll your eyes and think this is just another fluffy tactic, hear me out. Unless you want your email to get sent straight to the spam folder or overlooked, this is a crucial step.

So when I say engage authentically, I mean, just do that, right. Don't be spammy. Don't be under each one of their pictures commenting heart emojis and or something irrelevant to the post. You really want to take the time to leave some meaningful comments and watch & interact with their stories. Interacting with their stories is a great way to authentically slide into the influencer's DM's and start establishing a connection.

Pro Tip: A good rule of thumb is to engage authentically with the influencer at least 30 days before you officially reach out to them (by email).

The main point of engaging authentically before you reach out to an influencer is so that the influencer can get to know you and your brand. You do not want the first time that the influencer hears about your brand or sees your brand's name to be in the first outreach email. The more you engage with them, the better chances you have of them opening your email and responding.

Personalize your Outreach Message

And when I say personalized, addressing the influencer by their first name is NOT enough, even though that is a good tip in itself. Also, please make sure you spell their name right.

So the first thing that you want to do is to make it about the influencer, not your brand.

You will introduce yourself, of course, but you do not want a whole paragraph just talking about your brand and telling them about who you are and what you do. Take this time to highlight them and why you think they are a great fit for the campaign.

Take this time to mention a few things you love about their brand + content. Building off of the first tip, if you were engaging authentically with their content, then you should have plenty of things to mention.

Pro Tip: Email is best. DM's are great for building personal, casual connections but when it's time to establish and agree to a partnership, email is preferred.

For example, if you are a haircare brand and the influencer recently made a reel giving healthy hair tips, then you would say something like: " Those tips were really great, as a haircare brand we are all about educating our audience on healthy hair tips. And so that reel really resonated with us. And the transitions kept us entertained."

That's a simple and easy way to relate it to your brand without actually talking all about your brand and keeping the focus on the influencer.

Pro Tip: The key to building long-term influencer partnerships is by highlighting how it benefits the influencer!

Be Clear and Prepared

You always want to be upfront and clear about what you're asking. For example, if you are unable to offer a pay collaboration and you would like to go the gifting campaign route, do not hold that information back and only tell the influencer that in the third or fourth email. Because if the influencer is only taking paid collaborations at this time, then you just wasted their time.

Other information to include:

  • Budget

  • Type of Campaign

  • Type of Deliverables (ie, a reel, youtube video, blog post, etc...)

  • Usage + Exclusivity

You want them to be able to make an informed decision really early on in this process.

Another thing is that you want to have everything organized and ready to go. I feel like a broken record for saying this, but it's really true. You are not going to be the only brand reaching out to an influencer at that time. So you want to have everything organized and prepared to send to them.

If they have any questions about what the campaign details are, what they can expect when working with you, anything like that, you want to be able to quickly grab that information, and send it to them in a timely manner. That way you do not lose out on working with an influencer that you really want to work with, just because you had this scramble and find things.

Pro Tip: Create a campaign brief, which is a document that gives an outline for the campaign it includes an overview of the objectives, guidelines, expectations, and deliverables. Click here to watch my Youtube video where I go over what to include in a campaign brief.

That's my 3-step strategy for reaching out to influencers. I hope that this helped you kind of look at the process of reaching out to influencers in a different way. Hopefully, this made it less scary and that you feel more confident reaching out to the influencers that you want to work with.

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