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About us

Starbound Social is a full-service social media marketing agency.

 We handle everything from strategy design to email campaigns, page management, ads, and more!

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Marketing has always played an important role in business and with social media right at our fingertips; it's easy to assume that you could handle your own advertising. But once you step into the world of social media, you quickly learn that as valuable as the return is, it requires a lot of focused attention.


That can be hard for small business owners that have even more important things to focus on - like actually running their businesses.

We created Starbound Social to give you the freedom to focus on what you need while we take your online presence from barely noticed to Starbound.

With us, the sky is only the beginning.


I started Starbound because I was tired of seeing quality brands not getting the shine they deserved solely because of their online presence.

In the beginning, I helped small businesses build relationships with social media influencers and created win-win strategies for everyone.

After 2 years of working solely on influencer campaigns, I started developing a full-service agency so that I can help my clients build powerful and complete brands online.


I'm always excited to connect with new brands and bring a fresh look to the brilliance they've already created. My experience in marketing and psychology gives me a unique perspective on customer behavior allowing me to create the most effective strategies and content.

Want to work with me? Book a call and let's get started! 

xo, Diamond

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